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Group thinking has long been limiting.  Brainstorms are often confusing and frustrating.  Debating causes conflict as the loser submits to the winner as supreme.  Such a binary stance is obsolete in a diverse, equal and inclusive society.  It quells productivity, cripples creativity and leaves little room for innovation to emerge.

Upgrading Thinking and Advancing Ideas, Beyond Binary to 7-Stances

"The Whether System is the biggest upgrade to systemic thinking since the Ancient Greeks"

Athens and Macedonian Press Agency, 2013

If the ancient Greeks set us searching for the absolute truth, religion and science seemingly disagree. ‘The truth’, appears relative to our unique and individual perspective.  Problems arise when our perspective is limited.

90% Of Mistakes Are Errors Of Perception Over Mistakes Made By Logical Thinking

How To Be Right All The Time By Seeing 6 And 9

When we broaden our perspective of a problem before we begin searching for solutions, it’s as if the best and most obvious answers reveal themselves, at the right time, in ways we’re willing and able to action.  This design-thinking approach to decision making saves time and delivers improved outcomes as smart ideas, added energy and accurate forecasts.

Whether you’re painfully procrastinating, contemplating a complex conundrum, planning a precise project or collaborating creatively and constructively – even to resolve conflict – the Whether System™ will support you as a platform for transformational thinking.

Design Better Balanced Decisions With The Whether System™

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Start with a problem – using the Whether System™

People often say they can never ‘find’ ideas.  That’s because ideas can’t be found, they have to be generated.  If you ‘find’ an idea, the chances are it belongs to somebody else.  Go looking for problems if you want to generate innovative ideas.

Dig deep to reveal the real root cause – adopt the Lay of the Land mindset.

Examine the situation with an objective and observational outlook.  Seek to bring reality, as it is currently perceived, including emotionally, to the surface of understanding – into collective consciousness.

Optimistically see your situation as you’d like it to be – the Sun mindset

The sun supplies endless energy, it sheds light on the situation and we can see a long way on a sunny day.  With an energetic, cheerful, positive perspective, consider how you might see the subject of your thinking.

Pessimistically predict the weaknesses and problems – the Rain mindset

Negative thinking has been seen as inferior to its positive counterpart but much value exists in constructively considering potential pitfalls.  The rain reveals the leaks in the roof or weaknesses in the dam walls that we would not notice in the sun.  Use this mindset to remove or reduce risk by acknowledging active improvement.

Examine the influences impacting on actions – the Wind mindset.

Local winds, squalls, hurricanes and tornadoes, gentle summer breezes or icy cold gusts, whirl through this thinking environment. Such movement may be overridden by prevailing winds whose course is harder to change and easier to predict.  Either way, wind cannot be controlled.  In this context it represents external influences impacting on actions and ideas. Awareness of such influence clarifies your thoughts and ideas.

Leap into virtual fantasy by imagining illusionary ideals - the Rainbow mindset

Serious people shy away from seemingly silly thinking but more value may be extracted from this mindset than any other if attitude allows and open approach.

Prioritise situational survival and progress paths - the Snow mindset

Metaphorically, the snow turns the situation cold and frosty, filling the ditches, covering the paths and flattening the landscape.  As it cloaks vision, it hampers progress and threatens existence.  Whether literally or in the context of the conversation, consider the situation from this point of view.

Give yourself a clear conclusion – the Whether Report

Complete the Whether System™ by giving yourself a Whether Report™.  Answers to this straight forward questions will have been considered during the 6 preceding mindsets.  This is as much about summarising what you’ve already said as it is about a set of directions to match your map and a bench mark against which to measure progress over time; the result of true transformation.

Stick to the strick time frame – time is a measure of transformation.

The Whether System™ works according to a strict time frame that constraints critical and creative thinking so value may be extracted in record time.  Regularly we're saving three-quarters the average time it takes to make a less substantial decision.

Document all thoughts as they occur – everyone is right, relative to their perspective.

This vital component to the Whether System™ creates magnificent mind maps and data designed to deliver your best decisions.  All thoughts have equal value however radical or ridiculous they may initially appear, record them during this process.

The Whether System™ Is Easier To Experience Than Explain


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The Whether System™ Is Created and Delivered by Celia Gates and the Global Brainstorm Group.

Celia Gates is an award-winning inventor, author and creative thinker.  Celia Gates’ passion is for creating innovative advances and constructive changes by disrupting traditional thinking.  Her clear communication and fresh thinking tools add to mindsets, boost performance and deliver inventive ideas.


The Global Brainstorm Group is upgrading thinking and advancing ideas around the world.

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